A Look at the Mechanics in God of War: The Card Game

In God of War: The Card Game, players take on the role of the Norns, powerful beings desperately seeking a way to stop Ragnarök. Looking into the well of Fate, Urðr, they can play out many different realities, seeing what possible course of action might save existence. In each of these scenarios, they’ll be facing off against different monsters and building up their own abilities, gaining more power as they progress. Let’s take a deeper look into the mechanics of the game and see just how these different elements come together to create a new take on a beloved franchise.

Setting up for a game of God of War: The Card Game begins with each player picking which hero they want to play. Choices include Kratos, Atreus, Freya, Sindri, and others from the God of War video game. Each character is unique, with different health totals, a unique special Ability, and a specialized starting deck. From there, players take the Quest cards, placing three down on the table creating a triangle. These cards become the first two Quests they must pass through. The Final Boss is chosen by shuffling the Boss cards and placing a set of three above the triangle of Quest cards. As players progress along thorough the Quests, they will have to decide which route they’ll take to get to the Final Boss. Unfinished Quests will impose a hindrance to play, so choosing carefully is important.

Once the Quest and Boss cards are laid out, it’s time to set up for the first Quest. Players take the appropriate Scene deck and spread the cards out on the table creating a Mosaic. These cards represent the foe that the heroes must overcome. The cards have a starting side, and will be flipped to reveal a damaged side, usually when players have dealt enough damage to that particular card. Each Quest has its own win conditions that players will have to figure out. They will test players’ strategic thinking, as different tactics must be employed to finish the various Quests.

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