A New Year Brings a New Faction

2020 is upon us. This year will bring plenty of amazing things and we’re ringing in the New Year with the thundering of horse’s hooves. A brand-new faction is making its way to tabletops in the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. But that’s not all that’s new, as two Neutral units are also putting their services up for offer. Let’s take a quick look at what you can find on your game store shelves now.

Leading the charge are the horselords from across the sea. House Targaryen used to have control of the Iron Throne until Robert’s Rebellion. Now Daenerys is looking to take back the throne for herself. She’s enlisted the help of the most skilled riders in the world, the Dothraki, forging an alliance via her marriage with Khal Drogo. This new faction’s starter set is made up entirely of cavalry units, which provides an entirely new way to build an army. Fast and hard-hitting, the Targaryen faction will certainly alter the way players prepare for combat. As always, the starter set has everything someone needs to get into the game, including game rulebook, Tactics deck, dice, terrain, markers, and more.

If you’re happy with your current faction, there’s something new for you as well, as two units from the infamous Stormcrow Mercenary Company are also available now.The Stormcrow’s prowess in battle is only bolstered when army commanders entice them with a pay bonus. Adaptable, they take readily to new leadership, letting Unit Attachments join them for less than usual. The Stormcrow Mercenary Unit is a dedicated melee force for a moderate point cost and includes the versatile Stormcrow Lieutenant Unit Attachment. Meanwhile, the Stormcrow Archers Unit gives army commanders a new way to reach out and touch their opponents at range. No matter what an army might need, the Stormcrows are here to fulfill that need, at a price.

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