A Rose Knight By Any Other Name…

Beyond the various characters of the court, different military units also feel that one side or the other would be more suited to rule. In the case of the Rose Knights, they are fiercely devoted to Renly. Their loyalty is paid in the form of funding for the best armor around, elite training, and resplendent, green attire to match Renly’s own sensibilities. These Rose Knights will soon hit the field in the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. Let’s take a look at what they’ll do in the game.

For starters, the Rose Knights cost 7 points to field. Weighed down by their heavy armor, the unit only has a Speed of 4. However, that armor comes in handy with their 3+ Defense Save. On average, they’ll turn away 2/3 of the attacks thrown their direction. That should keep them in the fight longer. Another thing that will keep them in the fight is their Morale of 6+. It’s not easy to get a Rose Knight to simply run off the battlefield. Offensively, the unit rolls 8 Attack dice at full ranks and all that training has paid off, letting them hit on a 3+.

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