A Sweet Treat of a Game

There’s a lot to love about candy. There are the bright colors, the shiny wrappers, and the sweet, fruity, and minty flavors. Everyone has a favorite, but most people like a wide range of these tasty treats. Of course, one shouldn’t have too much sugar. But there’s no reason you can’t still play with candy and sugar on your tabletops, and that’s where Sugar Blast comes in. It’s a new game coming soon that lets you collect all the candy you want while utilizing a unique, tilting game board. Let’s take a look inside the game and see what makes it such a blast!

Setting up the game is quick and easy. Players take all the Candy tiles and put them into the cloth bag, making sure to give them a good mix. Place the tilting game board in the middle of the table, in reach of all players. Then, take tiles from the bag and place them onto the board, filling it up completely. If, during setup, there is a group of three or more of the same color of candy in a row (horizontally or vertically), mix them up until there’s no such groups on the board (you’ll be making those yourself, later!). Take one of the Goal Cards randomly from the pile. That’s the collection of candies that players will be trying to get in order to win the game. From there, the game’s ready! Candy really is sweet and simple like that.

On a player’s turn, they’ll be trying to make a Blast! They’ll do this by swapping two neighboring candies on the board with the goal to create a set of 3 or more candies of the same color in a row, horizontally or vertically. Players only get one swap per turn, so it must create a Blast. If no Blasts can be made, the player will take a candy from the bag and use it to try and make a Blast instead. After swapping/placing their candy to create the group, a Blast happens! The player will remove the grouped candies from their Blast, keeping 1 and setting the others aside. They’ll then tilt the board their direction, sliding all the other candies on the board down to fill in the spaces. After that, they’ll refill the board using Candies from the bag. After the board’s full again, there may be more Blasts that were created! Check again to see if any were made and if they were, repeat the process again of collecting candies, keeping one, and sliding and refilling the board. And, if more Blasts are created, great! Keep going until no more are made!

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