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Super heroes are well known for being individuals. Even when they’re members of a team, each hero has their own unique skill set that they bring to the party. Super strength. Blazing speed. Hyper intelligence. No two are exactly alike. The same can be said for the nefarious villains that the heroes face off against. In Marvel United, every hero comes with their own unique Hero deck they’ll be using throughout the game. Likewise, each villain has their own deck that represents not just their powers, but their particular plan for evil. In this article, we take a look at just what makes up a Hero and Villain deck and how they differ from one another.

Hero decks represent the different hero’s abilities and powers. Each card may show one or more symbols of what the hero can do on their turn. Additionally, some cards will have a special ability unique to that particular hero. For example, Black Widow is a master spy. Her ability to gather intelligence on enemy plans puts her and her allies at an advantage. Her Interrogate card lets her player look at the top card of the villain’s Masterplan deck. They can then move that card down to the bottom of the deck if they wish. This will let the players plan their turn, or avoid a threat that they weren’t quite ready to face.

Meanwhile, Captain America is a natural leader. His Leadership card lets his player give any other player a Wild token. These tokens can then be spent by that other player on their turn to perform an extra action of their choice. When evil arises, being flexible and having others perform at their best is key, and that’s exactly what Captain America brings to the table.

Then, there are the powerhouse heroes such as Captain Marvel. She can shoot beams of energy, attacking foes from afar. Her Photon Blast card deals two damage to enemies at an adjacent location. This lets her deal damage in several places at once, stretching the player’s potential to thwart threats all around the city.

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