Airship City on Tabletop Simulator

In many places across the globe, social isolation carries on, preventing gaming groups from meeting up. At the very beginning of the pandemic, we made a commitment to our community to provide as much entertainment as possible and have since provided Print & Play versions of different games, different Beta modes for A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniature Game, a solo mode for Arcadia Quest, scenarios for Zombicide and Massive Darkness, and more.

Now, we bring to you a free module for our recent game Airship City in Tabletop Simulator! Airship City is for 3 to 4 players, and each playthrough lasts for about 90 minutes. This is the full game. If you enjoy it, please consider purchasing it, be it from our store or by supporting your local game shop – many are offering delivery or pick up options!

In Airship City, players take on the role of engineers crafting new airships to add to the city’s infrastructure. They will travel around the tiled grid, collecting resources. A new tiled board is created at the start of each game, meaning a new board every session, and there are several different avenues to collect points, allowing for many different strategies.

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