April Releases for CMON

April signals the end of the long winter and the start of new adventures! This month also includes some new releases from CMON that will allow players to continue to explore some stories they’ve grown to love. Today in your FLGS, you’ll find some expansions and stand-alone games that further explore some of the most exciting CMON worlds! 

Something evil and undead is affecting the borderlands. It seems the plague which swept across the countryside has infected more than just humans. Now, a horde of zombie orcs is descending on the towns and villages on the Western frontier. In Zombicide: Green Horde, 1 to 6 players will take on the role of Survivors, working together to fight back a powerful new opponent.  From magician thieves, to warrior elves with a mysterious past, to mercenary dwarves just looking to make a buck, they’ll have to use all of their skills to overcome the odds. Zombie orcs and goblins have a lot more strength than their human counterparts, and they tend to gather in large groups, ready to pounce on unsuspecting Survivors that stray too far from the pack. Players will have to take advantage of new landscape elements, like Waterholes, Hedges, and Barriers. If they need a way to target a zone for maximum carnage, they can use the versatile new Trebuchet, with three different ways to fire at the enemy from long range. With a little luck, and some careful planning, the Survivors might just clear the road of their village of this green threat.

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