April Releases for Dark Age

April marks a momentous month for Dark Age! The mighty Dragyri get two new products to revolutionize their wars against the peoples of Samaria, and the beginning of a new era for how Dark Age comes to stores and customers! 

The insidious Dragyri Shadow Caste gains a new and mysterious ambush killer, the nimble Vespa. Leaping from out of nowhere to murder foes with a lethal sword or scissoring pincer-blades, the enemy cannot be prepared for such a deadly surprise. 

The Air Caste Dragyri are next amongst the factions to receive their fantastic new 500 point format Faction Starter Box! The new entry point for the Air Caste contains a mystical master in the Spirit Lord of Air, two of her whip-wielding Wails, a deadly sword-swinging Cyclone, and two ranged-specialized Disc Slaves – a perfect way to get into the acrobatic Air Caste!

Speaking of a perfect way to get into some factions, April brings a new aspect of Dark Age production to stores and customers! As of this month, the vast majority of the Forsaken and Outcast Factions are moving from their old “blister” packaging and moving to our new Unit Box format! Creating fewer total products that stores will want to carry by combining certain types of units into single boxed deals designed to save shelf space, shopping time, and money, this is the first step in revolutionizing Dark Age in another amazing way. These factions are just the beginning, with the rest of the line moving in the same direction as 2017 progresses! 

Dark Age has turned another corner and made another milestone, and it will only get better from here!

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