Arcadia Quest: Pets Releasing to the Wild

Who doesn’t love to have little furry, feathered, or scaly pets around? The people of Arcadia certainly do. But nobody loved them more than the witch-in-training Vexia. She was out to prove the world that pets could be used to power a whole new branch of magic: cuddlymancy. At Arcadia University, she worked tirelessly on her project, just knowing that it would get her into the Wizard Master’s program when she gave her final presentation. However, that final show of cuddlymancy would end up being her downfall. While trying to give a bat sight (yes, we know that bats aren’t actually blind), her spell rebounded back at her, causing her to go blind! Try as they might, the other magic users at the school couldn’t reverse the spell. And since she failed her final project, Vexia wasn’t accepted into the Wizard Master’s program! Now, usually, a student would be able to try again next year. But Vexia was so enraged at not getting in the first time that she vowed revenge not just on the school, but all of Arcadia. She disappeared into the forest outside of Arcadia and hadn’t been heard from for decades. But now, after renovations to the city brought a huge chunk of the forest right into the middle of town, Vexia has seemingly returned. All the regular cute, fuzzy critters of the forest are attacking anyone that comes close. It’s going to take the intervention of the various Guilds to get rid of Vexia and her pet abominations. But the Heroes won’t be alone. They’re going to be getting their own pets to help out. The Pets expansion for Arcadia Quest and Arcadia Quest: Inferno is coming to your FLGS on April 21, and players will have to work together with their cuddly companions to free the Gardens of Arcadia.

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