Arcadia Quest: Riders – New Friends

The lands surrounding the city of Arcadia had long been home to all manner of huge creatures. They lived happily there until everything started going wrong. As Arcadia was targeted by one malevolent baddie after another, the outlying wilds felt the impacts as well. It got really bad when Lord Fang came calling. The once-lush forests and plains started drying up and dying off. The inhabitants of those areas needed to find new places to live. Thankfully, they’ve done so. Not-so-thankfully, it’s right in the middle of town! The parks and streets are now filled with these beasts, and they’re not alone. Malkhor, a great hunter of legend, has also come to the city, looking to collect trophies for his wall. The Guilds of Arcadia are also seeing the potential of these new inhabitants, but in a much more cooperative form as Mounts. Who will win in the ultimate hunt?

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