Arcadia Quest Scenario: The Portal of No Return

That’s The Portal of No Return, no backward glances, our games of make-believe are at and end! … And so is the portal network as we know it.

The vampire sisters are trying to get the portals to function not through space, but through time, and bring Lord Fang from the past. And who can defend Arcadia? That’s right: the Guilds! Who would have thunk.

“The Portal of No Return” is the FINAL scenario in the new Bedtime Again campaign, playable with Arcadia Quest or Arcadia Quest: Inferno!

“The Portal of No Return” is the followup to “A Portal Trouble”, “Safe Houses and Rotten Eggs”, “No Such Thing As Too Late”, “The Moonless Night” and “Children of the Night” in the Bedtime Again campaign. A campaign sheet is available for download alongside the scenario as well so you can track your progress.

You made it this far, now get ready for the ultimate showdown! It’s been a pleasure fighting alongside you, Arcadians!

Click here to download the scenario.

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