Arcadia Quest Solo Mode Update 1.3

Greeting Arcadians!

For the past year, we have been developing and honing (with your input!) a Solo Mode for Arcadia Quest. We are now proud to say this work is complete!

We made another large update to the Solo Mode, now incorporating the last expansions we had planned to add:

• Riders

• Fire Dragon

• Frost Dragon

• Poison Dragon

• Chaos Dragon

In version 1.2 we had already incorporated:

• Arcadia Quest: Inferno

• Whole Lotta Lava

• Pets

• Beyond the Grave

We don’t anticipate another update to the Solo Mode any time soon. Thank you very much for your participation on this process, giving us valuable feedback – we received almost 300 answers to the form in total, and it sure was helpful to have this many playtesters!

Click here to access Solo Mode version 1.3

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