Blood Rage Digital Overview

Many different cultures tell tales of the end of days. For some, it’s a moment of terror. For others, it’s a moment to rejoice. In Norse mythology, that apocalyptic event was known as Ragnarok. It was heralded by the deaths of important nobles and gods, terrible natural disasters, and finally a great battle. At the end of it all, the world was submerged by the sea, only to rise again and start anew. 

In 2015, the world was introduced to Eric M. Lang’s vision of the final battle of Ragnarok, Blood Rage. The epic title featured warring clans fighting for victory, or the chance to die a glorious death and be welcomed into Valhalla! The clans could recruit legendary monsters pulled right from the pages of Norse tales, like the Frost Giant, Valkyrie, Sea Serpent, and Troll. With these fearsome beasts on their side, a clan would become a terrifying opponent.

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