Blue Moon City: Rebuilding After War

The cruel and deadly war of succession has finally come to an end. Those that waged it upon the populace have been driven into exile or thrown in chains. What the world needs now is a time of peace and healing. The capital, Blue Moon City, is in ruins. But the various peoples that live along its rubble-strewn streets are more than ready, willing, and able to put it back together again. Aiding in the efforts are the three great Elemental Dragons. They have returned to give their blessings upon those working to rebuild, and it is their decision as to who will be the next Steward. Who will prove their worth to lead the land into this new age?

Blue Moon City is Reiner Knizia’s classic game of city reconstruction. CMON’s new edition includes updated components, art, and rules, as well as streamlined play. In the game, players take on the role of leaders of work parties trying to rebuild the city. There’s far too much work to do for one group, so everyone will have to pitch in. Utilizing the cards from their hand, players move around the city and create teams of workers. The goal is to reconstruct the city’s damaged buildings and gain Crystals for the effort. These precious stones will then be used to make offerings at the central Obelisk. The player who first makes the required number of offerings is the winner and will become leader of Blue Moon City.

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