Bring the Plague! Zombicide: Black Plague Releases for September 23, 2016

The corpses are rising from the grave again, and this month a new crop of undead material will be arriving at your FLGS. CMON has awesome new Zombicide goodies, featuring new Special Guest Artist packs, Deadeye Walkers, Zombicide: Compendium #2, and more!

Adrian Smith has illustrated fantasy worlds and the remarkable creatures that inhabit them for decades. His work spans a number of different gaming titles and genres. His illustrations have a dark beauty to them that really connects his audience with his characters. Smith’s Special Guest Artist pack for Zombicide: Black Plague adds four new Survivors armed to the teeth with unique weapons and garbed in the bones of their previous opponents.

Italian illustrator Paolo Parente creates characters that are brimming with life and usually armed and dangerous. For Parente’s Special Guest Artist pack, he pulled from Anastyr, a world he created. Each character has an almost tribal feel to them. They are clad in armour and furs, and they brandish weapons that will send even the most stalwart Abominations heading for the hills.

Jovem Nerd is a Brazilian blog that reports and discusses the culture of all things nerd. The Chronicles of Ruff Ghana is a reoccurring segment on their Nerdcast. The story developed from broadcasting their RPG sessions and has also appeared as an illustrated book. The Jovem Nerd Special Guest Artist pack features four characters from the Ruff Ghanor storyline, including Ruff himself! This is a Limited Edition pack, so get it while you can!

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