Builder Scorpion Crew Unit Box

At the northern reaches of civilized land in Westeros lies The Wall. Manned by the Night’s Watch, The Wall is a towering edifice created to keep all the nightmare creatures beyond it at bay. Since it is primarily defensive in nature, the Night’s Watch’s Builders are able to create massive siege-style weapons. Giant catapults and ballistae help guard against all intruders. But when the Night’s Watch marches to war, the Builders have a smaller ballista that can be more easily moved around. It’s called the Scorpion, and it offers a very serious ranged threat. This month, Night’s Watch commanders in the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game will be able to add the Builder Scorpion Crew to their forces. Let’s take a look at the potential behind this piece of small siege weaponry.

The Scorpion is the first unit in the game with the War Machine special ability. This represents it being more a weapon of war as opposed to a group of soldiers in formation. This characterization has both positive and negative aspects.

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