CMON Acquires HEL: The Last Saga and Anastyr IPs from Mythic Games

CMON Acquires HEL: The Last Saga and Anastyr IPs from Mythic Games

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of the HEL: The Last Saga and Anastyr brands from current publisher Mythic Games. Each IP had previously been featured in its own crowdfunding campaign, however neither project was ultimately delivered to backers. CMON is currently re-working base games for both titles, including extensive changes and development, which will be offered in pre-orders coming in the not too distant future.

When these crowdfunding campaigns debuted, we were excited by the worlds they revealed, and the potential each title had. While it was disappointing those iterations of the games never came to fruition, we’re happy that we have the opportunity to keep these deep and unique settings alive. Our team is working hard on new versions of these games that we hope will appeal not only to the Mythic Backers, but also to a whole new audience of gamers.

In recognition of the backers of the previous HEL or Anastyr campaigns, CMON will be offering a free copy of CMON’s HEL or CMON’s Anastyr base game to people who backed and paid for the lowest pledge tier and up of each campaign, respectively. This offer will be just for the CMON version of the respective base game, without any extras, and the backers will only be responsible for third party charges such as shipping and VAT.

Check in at for the latest news on the upcoming HEL and Anastyr pre-orders. Mythic Backers of each game’s original campaign can find updates at their respective campaigns (HEL, and Anastyr ) for more details.

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