CMON and Cranio Creations to Publish Lorenzo il Magnifico and Council of 4

With Unusual Suspects arriving at your FLGS this Friday, November 11th, CMON Limited is happy to announce our continued publishing partnership with Cranio Creations for English language versions of Lorenzo il Magnifico and Council of 4. Adding these titles to CMON’s already varied family of games gives players more choice when it comes to their game nights while expanding our offering of euro-style games.

Cranio Creations’ CEO and Founder, Lorenzo Tucci Sorrentino, says, “CMON is the right partner to bring Cranio Creations’ games and brand to an international audience.” He continues, “Unusual Suspects was incredibly well received by our American audience, and we believe Lorenzo il Magnifico and this new version of Council of 4 will both be success stories.” David Preti, Creative Director of CMON, commented, “As an avid fan of euro games, I’ve always followed Cranio Creations’ titles. Lorenzo il Magnifico and the brand new version of Council of 4 fit perfectly into our growing games catalog, and CMON is pleased to welcome such a talented team to our family.”


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