CMON at Gen Con 2016!

For a short time every year, Indianapolis turns into the promised land for board gamers from around the world. We will descend on the Indianapolis Convention Center for Gen Con 2016, touted as “The Best Four Days in Gaming.” If you’re a fan of tabletop games, it’s a little like Christmas in August. Last year, over 60,000 gamers attended, and 2016 promises to be even bigger! New games are debuting, there are chances to meet some of the biggest names in the industry, and exclusive events and tournaments hold something special for everyone.

This year promises to be a banner year for CMON. Of course you can expect to see and play all of our classic big box games like Zombicide, Arcadia Quest and Blood Rage, but we’ll also have a wide range of new games available for demo and sale. CMON will be featuring a number of special events including Learn-to-Plays, Tournaments, and even a chance to meet some of the designers of our games. Booth #509 will be the place to check out the hottest games and events of the convention.

The lineup of games from CMON is more diverse than it’s ever been. Titles like Kreo, where you play cooperatively as Gods trying to create a new planet, or Ta-Da!, a hilarious, dice-rolling, spell-casting party game, will offer something exciting and new. Looterz tasks you with raiding an abandoned dragon’s treasure horde with your team of looters while battling other players attempting to do the same thing. Masques throws players into the political arena as they struggle to gain influence over factions and stab their opponents in the back. Those are just a few of the new titles available at Gen Con; others include Rumble in the Dungeon and Krosmaster Arena 2.0

The smash hit party game Unusual Suspects will be available to play and purchase. One person was witness to a crime, and now they must answer the team of detectives’ questions about the personality of the suspect. It’s up to the detectives to eliminate innocents and find the real culprit. It’s the most fun you can have solving a crime. The CMON booth will also have our "Make Me A Suspect" Photo Booth. You can be a part of the game by getting your photo taken and making your own custom card! You’ll even be able to share the picture on social media to show everyone the fun you’re having.

After solving the crime, dive into a world of magic in Potion Explosion. You are in your last year of wizard school and facing your final exams. By pulling ingredients from the cool, unique slide dispenser, you’ll complete potions for points and special powers. This great family game is a hit with everyone who tries it, and it’s as beautiful to look at as it is to play. You’ll definitely want to give Potion Explosion a shot! Lorenzo Silva, one of the designers and Art Director, will be at CMON’s booth signing copies of the game, with times to be announced on social media.

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