Relaunch Announcement

You don’t have to be a hardcore board game fan to know that tabletop gaming is experiencing a renaissance. It’s a new dawn for games, no longer just a hobby, gaming has become a way of life for many folks. It’s a chance for us to learn and teach together. It’s how we connect to the people in our lives. It’s a way to strengthen relationships. Gamers have come to expect immersive and exciting titles from CMON and this coming year will be no different. We will be bringing you the types of games you can’t get anywhere else.
Now we’re excited to launch the brand new We’ll be bringing you content from all over the gaming landscape. The stories we’ll be telling will reflect our belief that gaming is not a pastime defined by any one group, or theme, or demographic. This is a hobby for everyone. We’re thrilled to be on the leading edge of the gaming transformation.

What can you expect from the new Well, I’m glad you asked. Our number one goal was bringing you a more user friendly interface. The new responsive design is mobile ready, so you won’t miss a moment while you’re on the go. will automatically adapt itself to whatever device you’re using. A much more intuitive layout will allow you to connect to the content you want a lot easier.

Player Support

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