CMON Feature Friday: A History of Games Part Two

Last week we took a look at some of the games from the ancient world. Archeologists have found games dating back 5,000 years, proving that playing them has been an important part of our culture for most of our history. This week, we take a look at some of the games that lead us to our current ‘Golden Age’ of gaming. 

Before the Euro game invasion happened in the mid-1990s, with titles like Carcassonne and Settlers of Catan, another one took place around 150 years before. In the mid-1800’s, most games that were played in North America, were imports from England. As printing costs dropped and games became more widely available, Victorians latched on to parlor games as their favorite pastime. Many of these games were based around cards, like Bridge and Hearts, but this period also saw the birth of the types of board games that would lead to more modern games.

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