CMON Feature Friday: Con-Ventional Wisdom 2018

We’re currently out at Adepticon, showing off our great miniatures games like A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game and Dark Age. With Adepticon here, the convention season is just starting to ramp up. As players get ready for shows like Kingdom-Con, Las Vegas Open, and later-year shows like Gen Con and Origins, it’s good to have a strategy for how to tackle the shows when they get here. In this week’s Feature Friday, we take a look back at an interview we had with Pete Shirey, our Retailer Relations Coordinator. He’s got tons of convention experience and he was happy to share his thoughts on what makes one prepared to have a good show.

Across North America, we are spoiled with the amount of gaming events that occur on a regular basis. There are the big events we’ve already mentioned, but there are also a vast number of local gaming events spread across the continent that give people a chance to play with new groups and get new titles to the table. We even hold our own CMON Expo every Spring, and its small size gives us a chance to connect with all of the attendees.

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