CMON Feature Friday: Saving Your Game

There’s nothing better than bringing home a brand new board game, peeling off the shrink wrap, and pulling off the box lid for the first time. The smell of freshly cut cardboard fills your senses as you pull out punch boards, rulebooks, and cards, and begin to discover the secrets within. That game is yours, and you can’t wait to get it to the table. However, the tabletop is a potential minefield of different threats to your new precious. How are you going to get to enjoy it and still keep it in its pristine condition?

Everybody has different approaches to keeping their games safe. Some people (weirdos) even like a game to have some wear and tear, like a book with well-worn pages. It lets people know it’s been played. But if you’re concerned about a game’s well-being, this week’s CMON Feature Friday has some tips for you.

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