CMON Feature Friday: Zombicide Retrospective Part One

It all started with the creak of an opening door on a rusty hinge and the sound of shuffling feet making their way ever closer. What caused the outbreak wasn’t clear, but seemingly out of nowhere, the dead were rising from the grave, the morgue, or out on the streets, and walking again amongst the living. But something had changed. These weren’t the same people they had been in life. These creatures were single-minded, vicious, hungry, and their desires had evolved since their days among the living. Now, the only thing that would satisfy their cravings was human flesh. The Survivors of this infection had no choice but to band together, grab anything close by to use as a weapon, and fight for their lives. 

So began one of the most epic and long-running series in board game history. Zombicide has been thrusting players into countless battles for survival over a number of sequels, expansions, and time periods. For this week’s CMON Feature Friday, we’re taking a look back at Zombicide, the franchise that started it all.

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