CMON Feature Friday: Zombicide Retrospective Part Two

The day started like any other. The farmers had been harvesting steadily for hours when one of them looked up towards the woods that lined the edge of the fields and noticed someone emerging, shuffling slowly towards them. Someone or something. It had a strange, jerking way of moving, as if possessed by some evil spirit. In an instant, another appeared from the woods. Then a third. Before long, the fields were filled with the beasts. By the time they got close enough for the farmers to realize the danger they were in, they were already being overrun. When it was over, a man with a staff and dark cloak walked out of the forest. He surveyed the scene, then his eyes shifted down the hill and came to rest on the small village in the distance. He muttered a few incantations under his breath, and the horde under his control immediately stopped feasting on the flesh of the recently killed, turned their heads in unison towards the gathering of buildings, and began to walk in that direction. Across the countryside, the same scene was playing out again and again. The time of the living had come to an end, and death was spreading like a plague.

Last week, we took a look at the modern series in the Zombicide franchise. For this week’s CMON Feature Friday, we’re continuing our retrospective with a look at the fantasy entries.

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