CMON’s Talk Like A Pirate Day Contest

Shiver me timbers, has it been a full year already? Seems like only yesterday me n’ me crew were “Avast!-ing” the day away. But before you know it, another International Talk Like A Pirate Day be upon us on Monday, September 19th! At CMON, we have a love for all things swashbuckling, and we always look forward to a day full of eye patches, parrot jokes and a whole lotta “Arrrrrrr!”

We want to see how you celebrate the Jolly Roger-est day of the year. Post a photo of you with your best pirate look (bring out all your hooks, eye patches, parrots and hats!) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtags #TalkLikeAPirateDay and #RumandBones (and ensure they are posted publicly). Do this and you’ll be entered into a contest to earn more Rum & Bones booty than you’ve ever dug up! We will randomly draw two entries from the participants, and they will receive this bountiful prize package: 

     – the smash-hit Rum & Bones Season 1 Core Game

     – Rum & Bones: Mazu’s Dreadful Curse Expansion

     – Rum & Bones: La Brise Sanguine Expansion

     – the exclusive Rum & Bones Luck Goddesses Heroes Box

     – the exclusive Rum & Bones Helrökker Heroes Box

And don’t forget, you’ll be able to use these treasures in Rum & Bones: Second Tide when it arrives in retail next year with the Rum & Bones Season 1 Upgrade Kit.

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