Dark Age July Releases

It’s hot outside. And it’s hot over on the gaming tables, too. The latest Dark Age releases are now available over in the CMON webshop as well as at your FLGS. This month we have the new Forsaken Haniel Triad Unit box, as well as continuing the repackaging of the Dragyri Fire Caste. In addition to all that, we’ve also updated some of the web documents that you should check out.

The scouting Haniels and their well-traveled Ranger unit leaders are the Forsaken’s best unit at getting in close to the enemy without their knowing about it. Before anyone can do anything about it, the Haniels are hurling specialized ammunition from their storm-class firearms into the unsuspecting enemy. Check out the video below with Dark Age Brand Manager Bryan Steele for a deeper look ad the Haniels.

The Cinder Slaves are specially chosen servants handed overcharged chunks of crystal and sent into battle. Whether cutting up a foe with their crystals or causing them to explode dramatically, Cinder Slaves are willing to die for the Fire Caste!

Representing the penultimate form of the Fire Caste’s disregard for the honorable traditions of other castes, Brimstones wield twin flamethrowers to summon gouts of liquid flame to envelop their enemies in scorching death!

The closest thing to a traditional warrior corps in the Fire Caste, the Volcanic Helots wield sharp-bladed bardiche polearms and a touch of mysticism. They are protectors and soldiers filled with fires of their caste, and are ready to defend it with everything they’ve got.

Elite soldiers of the Fire Caste’s frontline battle efforts, the Volcanic Phalanx defend themselves with advanced energy shields while their warspears stab around the protective wall they form. They have little to fear when a Phalanx digs in its heels with its brethren.

Elite warriors of the Fire Caste, Infernos are armed with deadly pistols that hurl blasts of raw heat and trained fighters with their flashing swords. Infernos close with the enemy as quickly as they can, knowing the damage they are capable of once they engage.

July has brought some hot new reinforcements to the different factions of Dark Age. Get down to your FLGS and get your new recruits today!

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