Dark Age: March Releases

We’ve got a whole new batch of Dark Age releases for you today. The Skarrd continue with their horde of releases worming their way to the table, but The Brood’s not letting them have all the fun. Let’s dive into what new box sets are hitting store shelves.

Starting things off, there’s the new Skarrd Command Box. When dealing with the screaming, beckoning Horde of the ravenous Skarrd, having true strength in command is key. At the head of the tribes are the physically and psychically powerful Tribal Fathers, instructing the surgical augmentations of the Grafters and Sisters of Charity as well as ushering the psychogenic skills of the Bone Docs and the Fetish Bearers.

After them, it’s time to find a new religion with the Skarrd Cult of Worms Unit Box. When Saint Johann and his followers inhabited Salvation’s Stronghold, they worked on many different grafting experiments, but few more disturbingly successful than turning the massive indigenous worms – the zmei – into the feared Drillheads. Those grafters put in charge of the project obviously didn’t stop at adding drillings to the worms, but them went and grafted the Drillheads to their own bodies. Now these vile creatures and their masters exist like some form of religious parody, a Church of Worms.

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