Dark Age Welcomes Some Reinforcements

Dark Age sees some amazing new creations rise up from out of the darkness and the factories of Samaria, a celebration of the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 – a great year for Dark Age! The last of the re-sculpted slaves for the Dragyri, the new unaligned Spear Slaves are ready to do their part on the battlefield. Still growing their ranks after their emergence, the Shadow Caste receives major reinforcements in the form of the spell-slinging Spirit Lord of Shadow and the razor-sharp claws of the Shadow Caste Havik. One of the most terrifying abominations to crawl up from the abyss is the massive Huntress, Shadow Queen of the Spiderlings. She is a monstrous commander of all things creepy crawly and one of the largest and most beautiful models the Shadow Caste has to offer. 

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