Designer Diaries part 2 – Heavenfall

Let’s talk about the Campaign Mode! As I said in the last article, we have been keeping track of the community feedback since the release of the first Massive Darkness, and from the start one of the main things we wanted to enhance was then called the “Story Mode”. That’s why we put a lot of effort into the new Campaign Mode and decided to make it a big, unique experience, substantially different from single-game scenarios. That’s how we ended up with Massive Darkness 2: Heavenfall – a complete campaign in a box.

Massive Darkness 2: Heavenfall brings not just new scenarios that can be played as part of a huge campaign, but also new components, monsters, skills and rules for a balanced and innovative game play experience from beginning till end. This means groups that are more into Campaign experiences can use the Heavenfall Box to deep dive into a sprawling adventure that will tell the story of a desperate attempt to end the Darkness once and for all. Those Heroes will face important decisions that will affect the entire party, reach new and higher levels and even visit the nearby town where they’ll be able to take Jobs at the Tavern, visit the Blacksmith or the Alchemist, and even Gamble! Role-players welcome!

Heavenfall will come with fourteen scenarios, and based on the party’s decisions and the resolutions of some scenarios, players will be adventuring through eight of them during a campaign, something which adds to the replyvalue within the box. Ok, I hope now you are as excited we are about what’s new in the Campaign expansion! Let’s dive into more details

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