Designing A Thrilling Park Can Be Unfair

What could be better than a nice, friendly game based around building your very own theme park? Looking at the cute art and playful components of Unfair from CMON and Good Games Publishing, it might seem like a light strategy game, but you’ll learn very quickly how cutthroat the world of amusement park management can be!    

The goal of Unfair is to build the most beautiful and exciting theme park, attracting more customers than the competition over eight rounds. More customers means more money, and the person with the most cash at the end of the game wins! Starting with a simple main gate, you’ll build rides like rollercoasters, Ferris wheels, and waterslides. Then, deck them out with comfortable seating, air conditioning, and special themes. Each new ride and feature that you add comes with a cost attached to it, but the cooler you make your park, the more people are going to want to come and spend money there.

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