Dev Diary 5 – Using What You Have

Let´s take a look at the various Interactable Objects you´re going to find during your undead apocalypse! Just what is an Interactable Object? Glad you asked!

“Sometimes, you just gotta hit a wall with another wall.”

One of my favorite features added to the Zombicide formula is Interactable Objects. Given that the setting for this particular outing is the city of Metropolis, we have some fun ones to make use of!

Michael Shinall here, designer of DCeased – A Zombicide Game, and let’s take a look at the various Interactable Objects you’re going to find during your undead apocalypse!

Just what is an Interactable Object? Glad you asked!

One of the features being brought to DCeased – A Zombicide Game is the incorporation of various elements that you would typically find in the city that the Super Heroes can make use of to their advantage. While not as exciting as finding a LexCorp Energy Blade or Hawkman’s Nth Metal Axe, sometimes, the universe just hands you a dumpster… And then sometimes you take that dumpster and hurl it at a large group of zombies.

Various missions might show the location of these objects at set-up. There are three that appear in DCeased – A Zombicide Game. When a Super Hero interacts with these objects, they can pick them up, carrying them with them, and using them as makeshift weapons.

Some, such as the Light Post, give an alright melee attack, but we really know you just want to crack that post like a baseball bat and knock some enemies away. And that’s exactly what you can do!

Typically destroyed on use, Interactable Objects can be the difference between success and failure if properly utilized by the players. As mentioned above, the Light Post allows you to perform a special mighty swing, knocking nearby enemies away.</p>
<p>The dumpster, meanwhile, can crush (almost) all enemies in a single zone&hellip; Combine them? Well, you get the idea…

Aside from those two, we also have the addition of the globe! … The Daily Planet Globe, that is! Yes, this large adornment which formally rested upon its namesake building can be used by the players against the zombie hordes, probably in exactly the way you&rsquo;re imagining in your head right now. Yes, being a fair bit more durable than a light post or dumpster, the Daily Planet Globe can be sent rolling down the streets of Metropolis, potentially crushing and knocking everything in its way aside. And it might even survive that move to be used again!

Interactable Objects are just another fun tool included into the overall playground that is DCeased – A Zombicide Game’s Metropolis. Yes, the situation is dire. Yes, lives are on the line. Yes, the world might very well be ending and its up to you to save whomever you can… But sometimes, you can just take a moment to appreciate the simple joy of hurling debris into a pack of zombies and crushing them underneath.  It’s the little things that can get you through a tough situation.

DCeased – A Zombicide Game is coming to Kickstarter on November 14th, 3 pm EST! Sign up here to be notified at launch.

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