Discover the World of Trudvang – Part 2

The Heart of Trudvang

Trudvang Legends brings players to an epic land to carve out their own legacy. In our previous article, we gave a general overview of the different locations on the continent. Here, we begin a more in-depth look at each location, preparing you for what lies in wait. We begin with Mittland. This is the land right in the heart of Trudvang, bordering all the others. As such, it is a true melting pot of the different regions and is home to many legendary heroes of old. Will you be able to add your name to the annals of history? Only if you can survive your encounters here.

Mittland sits right in the middle of the Trudvang continent. It is bordered to the east by the Stormlands, to the west by Westmark, to the south by the Soj archipelago, and the north by the Nhoordland. A true crossroads, the land takes on some of the aspects of each of its neighbors. There are plenty of wild and untamed regions like those found in the Stormlands. There are areas of civilization and learning as there are in the Westmark. Many different creatures can be found dwelling there, including the occasional elf from the Soj. And it has deep forests and several mountain ranges with snow-capped peaks like those in the Nhoordland. However, the majority of the land is covered by acres and acres of open fields. A great grassland dominates the region, filled with herds of wild horses, simply daring anyone to try and tame them. The land, if it can be wrested from the chaos of nature, is incredibly fertile, making the Mittland the breadbasket of Trudvang. Many farmers have become wealthy due to a bumper crop. Of course, the sometimes-harsh conditions also mean that some have become destitute because of a bad harvest.

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