Discover the World of Trudvang – Part 4

The Land of the Elves

People of all type live in Trudvang. Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, and more all inhabit their own pockets of land, even though there are general concentrations of the various races in different regions. For example, down in the south, there’s Soj, home of the elves. Their tale is a sad one of abandonment and betrayal. As we continue our look at the lands of Trudvang, we take a trip down south.

Soj, an island archipelago out in the Althissea, is the home of the elves. Their arrival was very dramatic, coming down out of the sky with their gods and creators, the Vanir. This was long ago, while Trudvang was young and the foundations of civilization were just barely laid. With their movements across the world, the elves and Vanir sowed the seeds of what would be many of the great forests that are across the continent today. But their home was always Soj. Here, they let nature rule unabated. The seas are whipped into a fury by mighty storms, causing the coastlines to be nothing but jagged rocks. And while there are great forests in all of Trudvang, they pale in comparison to those in Soj. So deep and thick are they that no human adventurer could ever dare to make it through without becoming hopelessly lost.

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