Dream On: R.E.M for Groups

As the sun sets, twilight turns to dusk and then night. Quiet falls across the land, and soon, only the sound of the crickets and the occasional hooting barn owl break the silence. A yawn tells you it’s time for bed. Keeping your eyes open becomes a losing proposition. Before you know, it your head is slumped, your body limp, and you are drifting away to another world. However, that’s just the beginning of your adventure! 

In Dream On, you and some of your closest friends find yourselves in a shared lucid dream together. You can control the different directions the story in your dream takes, but the key will be remembering the steps that got you there. You can go from a pirate ship to a lush tropical forest to the top of the Eiffel Tower. The important thing will be the story you tell along the way. 

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