Dune: War for Arrakis is now available on Tabletop Simulator!

Dune: War for Arrakis is coming to Kickstarter soon, but if you want to try out the game, a public module is now available on Tabletop Simulator for free!

Click here to download it.

This is the official public module for 2 players, and each opponent leads one of the two factions, either the Atreides (House Atreides and Fremen Ally) or the Harkonnens (House Harkonnen and Corrino Ally).

Dune: War for Arrakis is an asymmetric strategy board game, based on Frank Herbert’s award-winning science fiction novel Dune. Players recreate the Desert War, the struggle for control of the planet Arrakis, the only source in the Imperium of the spice melange, fought between House Atreides and House Harkonnen and their respective leaders and allies.

The Kickstarter will launch on September 14th, 3 pm EST. If you enjoy the module, please consider backing the game! You can sign up to be notified on launch here.

WIP Rulebook can be found here.

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