Enter The Joker!

Dear DC enthusiasts,
Andrea’s back with a focus insight on what’s probably the most iconic villain in the DC Super Heroes United core set, The Joker.
As you could expect, it won’t be easy for the Heroes to thwart the Clown Prince of Crime’s plan. First of all, solving 2 missions won’t suffice, all three missions need to be completed before damaging him.
And the usual “Rescue Civilians” mission won’t be available, replaced by the special “Investigation tracker” mission (or “find the jester” as I like to call it). How does this work?
There is a special thug token that has The Joker face on the other side (instead of the usual, more friendly, civilian). During setup, and when placing Thugs in play if the special token is not in play, you must shuffle the special Joker/Thug token among the other Thug tokens.
When a Thug is defeated, you flip the token: if you found The Joker, the investigation track advances. If you don’t… it was simply a thug, so add it on the “defeat thug” mission, however this might accelerate the Joker plans.
While you are playing hide-and-seek with the Ace of Knaves, he will try to spread the joker toxin, with the help of his trusty Harley Queen. If at any point there are no Civilians in play, his main plan succeeds, and the heroes have lost. The toxin might also affect the heroes, reducing the actions at their disposal or temporarily nullifying their special actions.
And that’s not all, likely the deadliest trick in The Joker’s arsenal is his BAM! Effect, that will cause heroes to turn facedown their earliest card in the storyline… and this will seriously harm gameplay of heroes, especially ones counting on cards face up in the storyline like Superman or the Flash!
Did I mention already that The Joker BAM! And a handful of his special abilities change and strengthen once he is Under Pressure?
That means additional trouble for our heroes, of course: if you waste too much time in trying to find The Joker among his thugs, solving threats and making sure the toxin is under control… the Joker might still get the final laugh by reaching the end of his Master Plan deck!
It might sound as a very challenging fight, and I can’t deny it is, however let me drop some hint here for those of you that might experience a difficult time dealing with the evil jester:- Batman has definitely a few tricks up his sleeve to see through The Joker deceptions and neutralize the toxin, so bring him along and choose your Equipment wisely.
  •  Find the right moment to take down Harley.
  •  Knowing what’s next in the Joker plan might be useful
  •  Choosing your team and their order of play might be crucial to succeed
  •  You might not need many heroic actions in this game, but you will likely need them early
The Joker provides a unique and different challenge from any other United Villain, I hope you will find it as thrilling as myself, the developers and our playtesters do!

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