Find CMON at Lucca Comics & Games 2023!

Join CMON at the Lucca Comics & Games convention from November 1 to 5 at Lucca, Tuscany. Lucca Comics & Games is the largest event of its kind in Europe, celebrating the heroes of board games, comics, film, television, and more!

“Join CMON at the Lucca Comics & Games convention from November 1 to 5 at Lucca, Tuscany. Lucca Comics & Games is the largest event of its kind in Europe, celebrating the heroes of board games, comics, film, television, and more!

You can find us at Piazza San Giusto, where we will have an entire Pavillion dedicated to CMON with Demo stations, miniature showcases, a shop and some very special guests.


The following board game demos will be held throughout the day, no reservation needed!

• DCeased – A Zombicide Game
• Compagnia della Forca special Zombicide Mission
• Degenesis – Clan Wars
• Cthulhu: Death May Die
• Marvel United: X-Men
• Stranger Things: Upside Down
• Mordred
• Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game

And maybe we can interest you and RPG session as well? We will be having sessions for a few different RPGs, including some that will be played for the very first time!

 Blood Rage
• Broken Compass
• Assassin’s Creed

Tables will be run by Francesco Nepitello and his team, the designers of the game. For the RPG table, sign up is required: please sign up to participate here.


Our shop will have available some very special items, including the Lucca-exclusive Compagnia della Forca  Zombicide character pack, Marvel Zombies – A Zombicide Game – Galactus AND the oversized Cthulhu from Death May Die.

We will also have a limited print run of the new edition of Adrian Smith’s HATE. Full list of items available can be found HERE.


We will also have free special promos available! To get them, come to the booth and ask at the shop counter (limit one per person):

• Marvel United Alternate Decks (Dr. Sinister + Deadpool X-Force)
• Marvel Zombies ID Cards (Coulson + Wong)
• Batman DCeased – A Zombicide Game ID card
• Eleven dashboard for Stranger Things: Upside Down

This year we are very excited about our very special guest, our Lord Cthulhu.

On the first day of the event, Wednesday, November 1st, everyone is invited to our booth to help us summon the great Cthulhu in a ritual! In the morning, our majestic five-meter tall statue of the Great Old One will be revealed to the public in Piazza San Giusto, right in front of our Pavillion!

To honor this great presence, we have invited 10 top artists to reinterpret the creature of the Myths with their own style: ZeroCalcare, Adrian Smith, Paul Bonner, Marco Checchetto, Gipi, Karl Kopinski, Marko Djurdjevic, Daniel Zrom, Paolo Parente and Giuseppe Camuncoli.

These illustrations of the Great Old One will make up a special portfolio of ten lithographs in limited edition of 250 pieces on sale exclusively during the Lucca event!

But that’s not all: these ten illustrations will also be available in a special postcard format, free of charge, for all participants during the festival! Drop by our booth each day to collect them:

 Wednesday: Adrian Smith + Paolo Parente
• Thursday: Marco Checchetto + Daniel Zrom
• Friday: Paul Bonner + Karl Kopinski
• Saturday: Marko Djurdevic + Gipi (the latter only during his signing times – check below)
• Sunday: ZeroCalcare + Giuseppe Camuncoli (the latter only during his signing times– check below)


We will also be hosting special signing sessions with these artists and even more folks! Full schedule can be found below. Please note: all our artists will only sign their postcards and any CMON product related to the artist himself, special portfolio included.

We will also be hosting three panels at the event:

Nov 2nd, Thursday, 16:45

Sala Ingellis

Degenesis, il mondo dopo l’Apocalisse

More information here.

Nov 2nd, Thursday, 17:30

Carducci pavilion (Area games) main stage

Assassin’s Creed RPG live session with special guests

More information here.

Nov 3rd, Friday, 11:45

Si3 – Sala G. Ingellis

Innovazione E Gioco Da Tavolo

With Rob Daviau and David Preti as host

More information here.

Nov 4th, Saturday, 16.45

Sala Ingellis

Marvel Zombies: dalle tavole a fumetti alle tavole da gioco

With Marco Checchetto and Renato Franchi as host

More information here.

The Cthulhu cup is another event taking place on Friday, November 3rd, at 19:00, Porta Elisa Stadium .

It will feature:

– Real Zigan

– Nazionale Fumettisti

– Board games allstar

– Lucca città del Fumetto e del Gioco team

A while ago, we announced that, in collaboration with acclaimed comic author Gipi (Gianni Pacinotti), we would sponsor a special soccer team in Italy.

The team is composed of a group of Rom, and the joint effort began last year when they formed the soccer team and enlisted the help of dedicated individuals, including a professional soccer trainer, to nurture their skills and passion for the sport. Beyond soccer, the initiative also seeks to assist the team members in obtaining essential documentation and securing employment opportunities, enhancing their overall quality of life.

This support aims to foster a strong sense of belonging and identity among the team members. And there, we will distribute the Cthulhu Postcard by Gipi as well!

We hope to see you at Lucca!

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