Gateway: Uprising- The Fight for Magic

The city of Gateway’s history is intertwined with the use of magic. Gateway and the arcane arts have always been inseparable… or so it was thought. Chancellor Gideon, ruling with an iron fist, has outlawed all forms of magic within the city’s walls. This has left many magicians, conjurers, and sorcerers hording powerful, magically-enhanced Runestones, as well as creating rebellious underground movements in order to overthrow the cruel Chancellor. But overcoming the city’s guards might be the least of the rebels’ worries. A ravenous group of monsters, the Druegger Horde, has started battering at the city’s gates, looking to reduce everything inside to rubble. In the swirling chaos that ensues, only one will be victorious. But will it be one of the Rebel Factions, the city guard, or the Druegger? 

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