Gekido: Bot Battles: Sport of the Future

In the future, the hottest sport around is Bot Battles. Steel gladiators enter the ring and duke it out until only one warrior is left standing.  The most famous arena of all is Gekido. Bot controllers from around the world gather there to prove they have the skills to outmaneuver the competition. The matches are fierce, and in the blink of an eye, someone is crowned champion, while everyone else walks away with nothing but scrap metal.  

Gekido: Bot Battles is a fast, fun showdown in the Bot arena for two to four players. Each player takes control of one of the six available super-cool, pre-painted mini Bots and prepares to do battle. The Bots all have their own skills and attack capabilities, and players will be able to tweak those abilities with Tech cards, unlocked Powers, and by taking advantage of the arena tiles. A calculating controller, with a little bit of luck, should be able to wipe out the competition.  

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