HATE Kickstarter is Live

Everything has gone to shit. The world burned, and now the remaining survivors are picking clean its corpse. In HATE, players control their Tribe through a Chronicle, facing off against rivals in a series of Clashes with different goals and mission objectives. Throughout the game, their Tribe will acquire Resources, Hate, and Conquest points in an effort to be the last Tribe standing.

Each Tribe comes with 11 members like Warriors, Shamans, Young Bloods, and the massive Prince who leads them. They also have their own unique Tribe deck, full of cards that will influence how they approach the game. Over the course of a Chronicle, Tribe members can development their skills, becoming even more deadly on the battlefield. But they can also acquire Scars that will limit how effective they can be. HATE is a fucking fight to the finish, where only one Tribe will live and the rest will have a date with the ovens.

Head to Kickstarter now and back HATE to stake your claim in this post-apocalyptic nightmare.

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