Heroes and Abominations Clash – Zombicide: Black Plague Expansions Now Available

The undead have invaded the once peaceful lands, taking over the cities that offered safe haven for modest taverns, hard-working villagers and families. The Necromancers of Zombicide: Black Plague continue their reign of terror, only caring about spreading more death and dark magic. The Heroes will need all the help they can get. Luckily, reinforcements are coming in the Hero Box 1 for Black Plague. Players can add Lord Arnaud, a petty noble turned zombie slayer; Glynda Battlestout, a battle-hardened dwarf warrior; Julian the Thief, a rogue trying to make his way in the apocalypse; Captain Sylvia Samedi, scourge of the high-seas; and Father Tucker, a man on a holy mission, to their game.

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