Household Designer Diaries 2 – Make Yourself at Home

Hi everybody, my name is Rico Sirignano and I’m the author of the lore of Household.

First of all, I say “author”, but I should probably say “translator” because, believe it or not, Household is based on true events. The story I will now tell you was actually written by a little Boggart named Herasmo J. Hemingway. You see, years and years ago, I was lucky enough to find this extremely small book. After translating it, I found out that it was some kind of history book made by the littlings (as they called themselves), and, shocked as I was, I decided that I couldn’t just keep the finding to myself!

Household is set in “The Household”, a huge mansion that was long abandoned by the people who once lived in it, and it’s now inhabited by little being that we call “Littlings”.

These littlings are divided in four Little Folks. Each Folk built their nation in one of the Rooms of the House.

The Faeries, graceful and dragonfly-winged littlings, rule over the Dining Hall. They built their high cities in the tall Piano of Blackshine, near the Great Window, and even on top of the Chandelier of Astraviya, where Tsarina Arcadia Oberonovna holds court.

The Boggarts, tall and strong littlings who were once the favorites of the old Master, have their modest homes, farms, and ranches in the Living Room. They made their capital, Wallford, inside a hole in the Wall, near the Fireplace, to represent their love for the Family and the House.

The Sluagh, the unbleeding multitude that came from the Farbeyond, have settled in the Basement. Their territory hosts an amazing variety of cultures, expanding from the Pond of Viletia to the Great Blade of Al Sehir, all the way to the Sawdust Desert.

Lastly, the Sprites, the littlings born out of the household elements, control the Upper Floor. They are divided into three ethnicities: the slender Sylphs, born out of the Draft; the strong Undines, born out of the Drain; and the curious Salamanders, born out of the Spark. Nevertheless, they’re united in a great nation that built the huge cities of Beddingham in the Bedroom and Tuberdam in the Bathroom.

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