How to HATE: A Guide to Survival

WARNING: This article contains violence and adult themes and language. 

When the world died, the few people left were content to simply survive. For generations humans tried to cling to the old ways, but over time those traditions were lost and with them, humanity. It’s a new dawn, a red dawn, the type of dawn where you might get dragged back to a Village and fucking eaten if you’re not careful. Rival Tribes square off on the battlefield in all-out blood baths. Pity is a foreign concept. If you walk out on the battlefield, you’re going to get hurt. Survival is no longer enough for these people. They won’t rest until they’ve killed every last fucking one of their enemies. 

HATE is a strategic board game set in a world where morality has been thrown out the window. Designed by the creators of Zombicide and Massive Darkness, this is a world where anything is possible and there will definitely be blood. HATE is a game for mature audiences only, and thus will be available exclusively on Kickstarter. 

Tribes torture and consume their foes as casually as you’d update your Facebook status. Survival is the only thing that matters, and if that means eating human flesh to have the strength to slaughter on the battlefield, you can be damn sure you’re going to do it. When your opponent would be willing to crush the skulls of every person in your Village if they breech the walls, every battle is not just about your life, it’s about the survival of your legacy. 

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