June Releases for Dark Age

The earth’s shakin’, the Saints are walking among us, and it’s really starting to heat up in here with the latest set of releases for Dark Age, available now at your gaming store. The Dragyri Earth Caste has a new box set, the Forsaken have an alternate version of Saint Isaac, and the Fire Caste has some new packaging for many of their favorite units. Let’s take a look.

Starting out, the Earth Caste expands its options with the Earth Caste box set. Inside, you’ll find one Quake, one Pillar, and one Fissure. Quake is here to shake the ground and protect the other members of his caste from harm. Meanwhile, Pillar is ready to get up-close and personal, letting his fists do the talking with the enemy. And Fissure’s meteor hammer can keep back anyone she doesn’t want around. They’re a stalwart trio and a welcome addition to the subfaction.

Not to be outdone, the Forsaken clanks onto the battlefield with their Saint Isaac, Ajax of Might box set. This set is actually two in one, as the suit of powered armor inside can either be used as an alternate version of the Saint, or as a non-unique set of power armor. Able to lay down a hail of fire, the Ajax of Might box set lets the saint cull the enemy herds from afar.

Finally, you wouldn’t think putting fire models inside card boxes would be easy, but we’ve done it, with the newly-repackaged Fire Caste sets. Starting at the top, there’s the Fire Caste Leadership box. It contains both Rath’zhi, the Arbiter of Rage and a Spirit Lord of Fire. Keep the rest of your troops in line using these two. After the leaders, we have a couple special models in their own box. They’re the Enforcer of Judgment and Artificer of the Alteghran in the Fire Caste Specialist Unit box. Continuing down the line we come to the Fire Caste Pyre box, which contains one male and one female Pyre model. Next, tapping into the primal forces of nature, itself, there’s the Greater Fire Elemental box. This was the toughest to keep from burning up the packaging directly. Finally, you don’t want to go without the Fire Caste Ember box. It has four of the little hotheads in there that you can add to your force.

So there you have it. Head on down to your FLGS and pick up these latest releases today!

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