Kick-Ass: The Board Game – Saving Lives and Gaining Followers

Man, this superhero business is tougher than they make it look on TV. Sure, you get those warm, fuzzy feelings from helping people out, but as soon as you have a reputation, everyone is looking for your assistance. Now, the city is being overrun by these jerk Minions, Mini Bosses, and Boss Villains, and I’m late for a date. It’s a good thing I can rely on some of my hero friends to help me save the city and kick some ass!

Kick-Ass: The Board Game is based on the critically-acclaimed comic book written by Mark Millar and illustrated by John Romita Jr. Players step into the lives of Heroes like Kick-Ass, Big Daddy, and Hit Girl and work together to defend the city from a series of dangerous events, all while balancing the important business of their personal lives and up-keeping their social media status. They could get beat up and land themselves in the hospital, but screwing up their love life or not getting enough followers can be equally detrimental. Hey, being a Hero ain’t easy.

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