Kronia: Become the Elected of the Gods

The time has come for the gods to elect a new leader from the ranks of mere mortals. However, a decision like this can’t be rushed. The gods are going to need some time to consider their options, and the offerings made by each candidate, before they throw their support behind someone. If you hope to become the Elected of the gods, you’re going to have to outthink the competition, make well timed bluffs, and win their favor.  

In Kronia, each player takes on the role of a spiritual leader. The gods have decided to choose one of them to become the Elected. Over the course of 12 days, players will make offerings to different gods in an effort to win their Favor tokens. For all their power, the gods are predictable and will always grant their favor to the player that has given them the best offering. After 12 rounds, the points are totaled and the new Elected is named. 

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