Kukulkani Reinforcements Are Here!

In Dark Age, the Kukulkani – alien invaders bent on reaping the life energy from the planet – have escalated their war efforts and received reinforcements in four fantastic new releases. With new and improved rules and stats found in the Kukulkani 2016 Card Pack, old units feel and act brand new on the battlefield. They join the nimble Kaachika warriors, whose short-ranged weapons sear the enemy with the power of the sun, and the bio-energy siphoning Chosen of Coatlai with their attached hatchling coatlai’s deadly venoms. Always hovering nearby, careening into the enemy with its spinning blades, is the herald of their bloody end, the Doom Seer. To round it all out and help keep track of what goes on in the battlefield, we also introduce the Outer Reaches Token Pack cut for Dark Age by the amazing craftsmen over at Warsenal!

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