Lightbringers and the Darkness Battle with Brand New Gameplay

Combat is an ever-evolving art. As combatants learn each-others’ movements and tactics, they alter their own in order to come out on top. Such is the case with the fight between the Darkness and the Lightbringers. Each are employing new tactics in their efforts to be victorious. So, too, is the case with Massive Darkness’ own rules. The designers have stripped the rules back to their foundations and built them back up again, making improvements every step of the way. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the changes to both the heroes and the enemies of Massive Darkness 2, and reveal how combat is now better than ever.

First up, players will immediately notice there is an equal mix of male and female Lightbringers, with 3 of each in the core box. Furthermore, each of those heroes is now tied to a specific class. While the option to mix and match heroes and classes in the original was nice, it meant that the rules had to be written very broadly so as to not create unforeseen broken combinations. Now, with each class being tied to a specific hero, that hero can be more customized to work within their class, melding together abilities in ways that could never happen in the original game.

This design decision allows for another major change: each class now plays entirely different from the others. Much more than just a different set of skills and bonuses, the classes have entirely different play styles, rules of combat, and even customized toolkits of components.

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