Looterz are raiding a dungeon near you!

For decades that nasty dragon has been sitting atop his throne of ill-gotten gold and treasures, daring any adventurer with the nerve to come up and try to take it from him. A few did try in the past, and let’s just say their families saved a great deal in cremation costs. But now, all that has changed. In a cloud of smoke and ash, the dragon has bolted from his mountain lair. Maybe to look for more riches, maybe to look for love. We’re not here to judge. The point is: there is a mountain of treasure currently unguarded! No one knows how long you’ll have before the dragon returns, so assemble a team of Looterz to get up there and start plundering before someone else comes up with the same brilliant idea. To the tavern!

In Looterz, you’re working to put together a team of, well, Looterz to delve into the dragon’s lair and get out of there with as much wealth as you can. The team you assemble will change as you play, but finding a good combination of skills and strengths will be the keys to success for your party. Your opponents are working on the same task (those jerks!), and you can bet there’s going to be competition when there’s that much wealth on the line.

Looterz is played over a series of rounds with four phases to each player’s turn. You’ll get to Recruit Looterz to join your team from your hand or hire more from the Inn (Draw Pile) where adventurers are known to hang out. The Dungeon Phase allows you to activate the Looterz you have in the dungeon by having them try their luck at finding treasure, attacking opponent’s team members, or using a special ability. After a second Recruitment phase, you’ll have a Sacrifice phase, discarding down to only three Looterz in the Dungeon. Hey, no one ever got rich without some sacrifice along the way!

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